Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Josh & CJ

Tammy asked me to get some shots of Josh & CJ for Father's Day. It was really fun. Josh was finished after about 8 seconds. :O) He was a good sport, though. I just love watching my big brother interact with his son.


Tammy said...

Sam I love these. I am going to have to get copies of them all. I will be doing some cropping on the last one though. :0) Thanks for taking them for me! I too love to watch Josh with our son. (not to mention our nieces and nephews too) He is a great dad and uncle!

arianne said...

all the pictures are X's! I can't see anything. is anyone else having problems too?? :)

arianne said...

that little boy is SO cute! I could just kiss him he is so cute!!!