Saturday, June 23, 2007

Frog Face & Sleeping Beauty

This is Hollie's new favorite face to pull. We have lovingly titled it, "Frog Face." She does it all the time! What a weirdo! I think it's rather cute though.

Then, she goes from Frog face to Sleeping Beauty. Well, Sleeping Beauty with her bum in the air. It just doesn't look very comfortable, does it?!


Tammy said...

She is so funny. I love to see her faces and I love the bum in the air. CJ sleepd like this too. I agree I am not sure that I would be comfortable like that! CJ sleeps like that most of the time. Babies are so funy!

arianne said...

That "frog face" is too cute! I too love the bum in the air. She looks like she is ready to crawl is she?