Friday, June 29, 2007

Camera anyone?

Are you ready to hear the saga of the camera? As you all know, I got a brand spank-me new camera a few weeks ago. I also purchased a professional lens. Well, come to find out, the D40 (the model I got) does not allow auto-focus with the professional lens. This forces me to upgrade to the D80. Great camera, but $400 more. Ug! This wouldn't be so bad if the company I bought it from would take my D40 back. They have a stupid 7 day return policy, and it's past that time. After negotiating with a supervisor, I finally talked him into taking it back, but he's charging me a 15% service fee. So, I'm out another good chunk of money. Grrrr! I'm so sad because it's an amazing camera! If I wasn't going photography professionally, I would have never gotten rid of it.

Before I send it back, I wanted to put it up for grabs to my wonderful friends & family for what they offered me on the return, $450. I couldn't find it for cheaper than $524 with a reputable dealer, so it's a killer deal (considering it's only 3 weeks old). So, if you're wanting to buy an SLR digital camera for your own personal use, the D40 is seriously awesome! I'm sending it back next week, as soon as my new one comes. So, just let me know in the next few days if you want it. I have all of the original "stuff" that came with it, including the 1 year warranty. Here's everything it came with...


- 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens with Front & Rear Lens Caps
- EN-EL9 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
- MH-23 Quick Charger
- UC-E4 USB Cable
- Camera Strap
- BF-1A Body Cap
- DK-5 Eyepiece Cap
- BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cap
- DK-16 Rubber Eyecup
- PictureProject Software CD-ROM
- User Manual
- 1-Year Nikon U.S.A. Limited Warranty


Kim said...

Sad, you know I would jump at it in an instant as a backup body of my own...but it won't support my lens either. I feel like Hollie in the picture just below this crying. Waaaahhh! So sorry Miss Sam. I'll make it up to you and teach you how to use your D80 lickety split...maybe that will put a smile on your face!?

Tammy said...

I can't believe it! Just think of how great your new camera will be. We are excited for our new camera as well.

Cassie said...

That's sad Sam. I'm sorry. Have you thought about putting it on Craigslist and trying to sell it? I'd give that a go if you can't find anyone that wants it...

arianne said...

i wish I could by that camera! good luck on selling it!

Jer, Er and kids said...

You know that I wish I could buy it from you but alas I can't. I will check with my Dad, Mom and Sister who have all mentioned that they want one. I am sorry about the chaos of it all this week. You didn't need added stress. Hopefully we'll see you guys soon!