Sunday, June 3, 2007

Hollie Bug & Annie Boo

I just love watching these 2 together! They're already such good little friends. Hollie just lunges for Boo Boo any time she's around. I think having another girl around is something of a novelty for Hollie in the sea of boy cousins. Sam & I got to watch Jackson last night while Jer & Erin did his birthday shopping. After they got back, we BBQ'd some chicken & ate out on the patio. Almost all through dinner, Annie rocked Hollie's swing for her. Hollie just grinned from ear to ear the whole time. It was so cute!


Jer, Er and kids said...

Thanks again for a fun night...minus the vomiting. I also am more grateful than I can say for the laundry soap. Little did I know I would have two large loads of laundry to do last night thanks to Boo. I hope you guys are doing well.

Nifer said...

Cute cute cute! So would Wed still work for swimming? Or Friday? Let me know!

Nifer said...

So I assume your hubby talked to you about Friday instead of Wed then. Either will work for me, just let me know. And did he tell you that I dyed my hair? Yup dark brown again. I hate all the attention I get over it though, Sam and Travis thought it was funny to keep saying "wow your hair looks great!" ha ha. And Travis kept calling me "Saucy" I was on the verge of killing him. Anyway let me know about this week.