Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We had a wonderful holiday, but were definitely all over the place yesterday. We started out the day by going swimming at the South Jordan rec center with all of the Hoffman cousins & Shar. I thought it was going to be packed, but we practically had the whole place to ourselves! After swimming, we were tuckered out, so we came home & had family nap time. Then, we went to Ratatouille with my parents (that's a whole other story in & of itself). After the movie, we watched fireworks & had root beer floats over at Josh & Tammy's. Whew! Hollie looked like a total ragamuffin last night, though. My dad shared his root beer with her in the movie & it she drolled it all over herself & my mom. I think she was on kind of a sugar high after, though. She looks like a crazy lady!

I wanted a picture with the 3 of us, but we had to take a million because the flash was so bright that Sam kept closing his eyes. He's totally trying to force them open in this picture.

CJ was very grumpy with me for taking his picture.


Nifer said...

at least you guys don't have a problem with the "Roundy curse!" Cute pics, Hollie does look a little hyped up on something! Im so jealous you guys are going on a 2 week vacation!

Jer, Er and kids said...

Well, I am glad it isn't only my kids that get a little crazy especially with sugar at night. I love the grumpy picture of CJ. I think that is about how all of us felt when we got home last night. Have a great time at Snowbird...we'll see you at Bear lake!

arianne said...

I love the picture of CJ's little scrunched up face. He is so cute.

Hollie looks so happy and smily even when she is tired. I guess she is photogenic just like her mommy!!!! :)

Tammy said...

Once again I must say that we are going to have to get some copies of your really need to stop taking so many great ones. I am already behind on my scrapbooking. I am gald that you were able to come over and watch fireworks! It was fun. CJ grunmpy face is the don't see it that often so I am glad that you caught it!