Sunday, April 22, 2007

The spirit is the same

Today was such a wonderful day, rain & all. I had a really neat experience at church (which is a fairly rare for me because I am usually corralling 200+ kids in primary). I was feeding Hollie in the mothers' room at the same time that the spanish ward was having sacrament meeting. I obviously couldn't understand a word the speaker was saying, but then her voice got choked with emotion as she was bearing her testimony (at least I think that's what she was saying). I felt the spirit so strongly & I started to cry. I can testify that the spirit really is the same in any language. It's not conveyed through the words we say, but something much deeper.


mommyoffour said...

... and then came Leslie with her noisy little Livvy to ruin the spirit for you! so sorry!!!!!!!! I enjoyed chatting with you for a minute though, that hasn't happened for awhile!

The Sams & Hollie said...

You didn't ruin anything! Since I've been in primary, we definitely don't see each other at church as much. So, I loved visiting with you! Besides, I kept distracting Livvy so she couldn't eat.