Saturday, April 21, 2007

One fine day

Wow! It was one action-packed Saturday! In fact, it's quite amazing that I have enough left in me to update this tonight. It started out at 9 am when we went to Sam's brother's track meet. Matt did so awesome! He cleared 11 feet on the pole vault, which qualified him for state. While we were there, Hollie got some good snuggle time with Grandma Great.

After the track meet, we went swimming with Sam's family. We had so much fun!! It was Hollie's first trip to the pool & she loved it! I thought she might freak out, but she did great. She's going to be a little fishy like her mama (I'd live in the water if I could). While we were there, a group of 10 year old girls fell in love with her. They asked me if Hollie was a preemie. No, but she was definitely the smallest person there. :O)

Hollie had apparently had enough fun for one day. Grandma held her while Sam & I went down the water slide, and when we came back, she was zonked out. She's definitely mama's girl - she can sleep anywhere, including in the pool!

This last pic was just in the car on the way home from the pool, but I thought it was adorable. I love those baby blues!


The Sams & Hollie said...

Jen, don't say anything about my hair. We had just barely gotten to the pool. I knew you'd tease me, so this is my preemptive rebuttal. :O)

Jen said...

HA HA HA! oh my heck you know me TOO WELL! Im speechless! hmmm.... well man you really got me like I was laughing out loud! Swimming is tons of fun huh?! We should take D & H on a swimming date soon! SOOO CUTE! 6 works, and whatever is easier for you as far as food.

Jer, Er and kids said...

It was a fun day! I can't believe you had any energy to do that last night. Cute pictures though. Hope you are having a great day We love you guys!

Jen said...

Man between the 2 of us I don't think we will ever get together! Yeah, 730 is gonna be too late, the boy is usually asleep by then. let me know if another saturday will work better.

Kim said...

That bathing suit on her is to die for! Where on earth did you find such a thing? TOO CUTE!