Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rough couple of days

I just need to stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the weekend. Bad things happen in there. So, last night I was holding Hollie & went to the freezer to get a treat. When I tried to grab the ice cream, it fell out of the freezer. So, I bent down to pick it up & Hollie's head caught the corner of the freezer door. It was horrible! She just looked shocked for a second, then started to scream bloody murder. It was the worst sound I've ever heard in my life. I swear, I was crying as much as Hollie was. I thought for sure it would turn into a goose egg, but there's only a little bruise (you can see it if you look closely).

Then, this morning I was trying to make milk shakes. I was stirring them with a metal spoon while the blender was going & I dropped an ice cube. I bent down to pick it up & the spoon got caught in the blades. It whipped the spoon into the side of the blender & punched a huge hole in the side. The shake sprayed everywhere! I found the chunk of plastic downstairs by the computer desk! You'd think I would have learned. At least this time my Mom was holding Hollie & wasn't in the line of fire. I guess we'll be buying a new blender.


Jen said...

Even though she has that little bruise you have to admit, that is the cutest picture ever! Her expression is soo cute! If I remember right... didn't you have a little mishap with a blender at work? something about not putting the lid on first? yeah.... it's all coming back now... ha ha! So this coming saturday right? Like afternoon? 3ish?

Jeremiah said...

I guess you can't tease Sam and I for just twisting the glass part of the blender off anymore! Good thing she won't ever remember the freezer door bump. It was fun seeing you guys today, I guess I better get my fill of family time before no one sees me for a year and half!

The Sams & Hollie said...

It was fun to see a comment from you, Jer! Yeah, maybe I should have kept the blender story a secret. At least mine was an accident & wasn't because I wouldn't listen when someone told me not to twist the blender!