Friday, April 6, 2007

My friend

Even at 4 months Hollie has a favorite teddy bear. We call it her "friend." Grandma Christy gave it to her at one of my showers. Jesse thought it was freaky because it's head moves while it plays music. Hol loves it, though. I just thought this pic was so cute of them taking a nap together.

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Jen said...

She is soo cute with her little bear! So I told Sam about the possible trade, and he just laughed. He said that you should give me all of your scrapbook stuff and all of your picture frames and then it would work. I have an even better idea! How about you pay for half of it, and I can keep it at my house, and you can have "custody" of it like 4 times a year! I would say every other weekend, but I have seen how you take care of your grandbabies! : ) I am the only reason they are still around! Haha!