Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Boulder

We went with some of Sam's family down to Boulder mountain over the 24th for some camping, fishing & 4-wheeling. I was a little apprehensive to see how Hollie would do, but my fears were completely unfounded. She absolutely had a ball! It was so fun to watch her play in the dirt & explore a whole new world.

Hollie & Kelden both loved having a little playmate (even though they missed you, Jackson, Annie & Will!). They're only 4 months apart, so there were some non-sharing moments, but they played great together for the most part.


Cassie said...

Look at her with that fishing pole! How cute is she!?!?!

Jen said...

way cute pics! I cant believe you let her kiss a fish and play with a worm. eww. Love the pics though seriously. WE need to get together soon!

Benica and Fam said...

I need to get those pictures from you, we should make a cd with all of our pictures.

zazu said...

I love the second picture down because if you kinda squint, Hollie looks like she has a crown on her head :)
Looks like a great time!