Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Up, she goes!

Hollie has figured out how to pull herself up. Boo!!! She just started trying yesterday & has been practicing ever since. This was one skill I really didn't want her to figure out (especially if you know how many stairs we have!).


Jer, Er and kids said...

oh boy! It is a good/bad that is for sure. I don't think she should be doing it either aren't you to tiny Hollie bug? She sure looks cute doing her new trick!

Tammy said...

Yeah for Hollie. She is getting so big but stays so little. I hope she learns how to go donw the stair as quickly as she has figured out pulling her self up. Have you lowered the mattress on the crib yet. Oh sad and exciting times!

Benica and Fam said...

That crib shot is so so cute!! Good luck with that. I don't think she will be as adventurous as Kelden, atleast I hope not. It is fun though!!