Monday, August 6, 2007

Abram's blessing

My cute little nephew was blessed today. You may be shocked & amazed to know that these are the only pictures that I took all day. Amazing, I know! You see, right after we ate, Hollie threw up everywhere! It was really scary because she stopped breathing for a while. So, we left right after. Thankfully, she hasn't thrown up again tonight. Poor little thing! She's definitely got the projectile vomit thing down!


Tammy said...

When did she stop breathing. Must have been in the bathroom. That is way scary. I am glad that she is felling better. I hope she continues to feel better. McKenzie was sad when you left. I love the first pciture of Abram. He is so adorable!

Jer, Er and kids said...

Okay no more sick is what I say! There has been enough throwing up in this family lately. I sure hope Hollie bug is okay. Poor little thing. That is so not fun. I will call you tomorrow before we go and make sure you are all well!