Saturday, December 1, 2007

Twice tagged

I have been tagged by Jen & Cassie (like, a week ago). Better late than never. Here goes. Six things you don't know about the girl called Sam...

1. I am a bed hog. And I mean, BED HOG. Poor Sam is forced to sleep in a perfectly straight line on the edge of the bed. A girl's gotta sprawl, right?

2. I love thrill rides. LOVE them. The more intense the better. Sam says if I designed roller coasters, I would put the poor fools who rode them in a coma. It would be worth it, though. Someday I also hope to go sky diving. THAT would be the ultimate thrill ride!

(p.s. love the face on the guy sitting in front of my dad!)

3. I am super finicky about the color of my lightbulbs. Sam bought lightbulbs the other day & I made him take then back because they were the wrong hue. A light bulb must cast a soft, warm yellow glow; not a poopy, florescent, cheap diner light. Why this matters to me so much, I'm not sure. But it does.

4. I love to move furniture around. When I was in high school, I would rearrange my room at least every couple of months or so.

5. I have a photographic memory. My mom always teases me because after I see someone, I can tell you what their teeth looked like, what they were wearing, if they had any jewelry on, how their hair was done... you get the point. I am just a very visual person. Now, names is another story. I am horrible with names. I just don't remember things I learn auditory.

6. I should have been born a dog. Or a cat. Or any other lazy animal that gets pampered & petted all day. I love to have my face, arms, back, neck, legs, tummy, feet, etc., etc., etc. tickled. Apparently I have been like this since infancy. I remember frequently going up to my Mom's bed as a small child & innocently asking, "Mommy, will you tickle my face?" Now it's, "Honey, will you tickle my face." If only Sam would grow his nails out like my mom's.

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Tammy said...

More fun fact about a great sister. I love the picture of you riding the roller coaster. The guy in front of you reminds me of what I would look like! I need to get my tag done. Hopefully before I get moved.