Sunday, December 2, 2007

California Adventure

We spent all day Friday in California Adventure. It was seriously my favorite day of the trip. We had so much fun! With fast passes, the longest we waited in line was 10 minutes. Seriously. Plus, it was the only day that Hollie really had fun. On Thursday, she was so exhausted from screaming for 10 hrs that all she wanted to do was sleep. Then, Saturday was when her fever spiked & we could only take her out for a few hours. The other 2 days were fun, but Friday was just perfect.

My dad & I rode Screamin' 4 times on Friday. It was awesome!

Hollie was not a fan of the gliding Ferris Wheel. Look at the pure terror on her face. In her defense, she didn't get scared until Grandma started freaking out.

I love this shot of Hollie on Sam's shoulders. It really shows how tiny Hollie still is.


arianne said...

we LOVED california adventure too! oh I want to go back. LOVED Screamin LOVED IT! Also I was a little afraid of that ferris wheel at first but it was actaully really fun!! Oh I want to go back now!!!

Tammy said...

These are some of the best pictures ever. I am glad that you had Dad to go on the screamer with you. Josh had to go by himself. I totally chicken out. Maybe next time we go! We shall see. Wait I won't have to Jesse will be there! Yeah!!