Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a beautiful day!

We have just been loving this warm weather. Well, Hollie & I have been at least (Boy Sam is happiest in 50 degree weather). We have had so much fun taking the Hollister outside. She just LOVES it. I think she'd live outside if we'd let her. Sam & I worked in the yard this afternoon, then tonight we decided to take advantage of the perfect day & try out our new BBQ & patio set. Sam grilled up the best steaks. They were so good! Unfortunately, Snoopy thought they were pretty yummy, too. When we went inside for just a minute, Snoop pulled the steak off my plate & was about to chow down before we caught her. Little twinkie! Thankfully there's the 10 second rule, right? :O)


JTCJ said...
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JTCJ said...

I love her outfit. You all look great. Happy little family!! I loveth tongue and her smile. It makes it hard to decide which picture is my favorite! Who cares about a littel Snoppy slobber! I am gald the steaks turned out and you had such a wonderful time.

Jer, Er and kids said...

I am glad you found a patio set and all. Where did you find it. It looks nice from what I could see. It was fun to have you come down last week. We hope to see you soon!