Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's new...

It feels like I have not blogged in ages. We're doing great, just a little busy. So, here's an update. I'm 15 weeks today, have most of my pre-preggo energy back & I haven't thrown up in almost 2 weeks. A month ago, that would have seemed miraculous. There is ONE beautiful baby incubating in my uterus (contrary to some illegitimate facebook rumors) & we can't wait for January 7th when we find out what color to paint the nursery. Boy Sam is also doing great, just trying to ride out the swell of my many mood swings. I couldn't ask for better than him. And Hollie? She's Hollie. Crazy, adventurous, passionate, energetic, loving, curious Hollie. She'll be 3 in less than a week & I just love the little person she's grown into.

On Sunday before church, I pulled out the camera to do a profile belly shot before I really start showing & snapped a few of the Hols, too. How can you not love that face? Except, of course, when she's dumping liquid dish soap on the carpet. It's a little more difficult then.



Jen said...

Glad to hear things are going well so far.... You look great! Hollie is a doll. Can you believe our kids are so big already?!?!? man. werent we just pregnant??

Keshia said...

She is just adorable! So do you do photography? How much do you charge? I need some Christmas photos of my family (last minute I know)... Give me a call 801-809-8429
Keshia Sawyer