Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2006

I just couldn't sleep without telling Hollie how much I love her. At this very minute, three years ago, I was folding your teeny newborn clothes, putting finishing touches on your new room, packing for the hospital...and waiting for my entire world to change. It's hard to remember the person I was before you came to us, because you've changed me so completely. From the minute I saw you, you completely stole my heart. You have filled the walls of our home with so much life & joy. Last night, you let me rock you to sleep. And today, I heard you mutter a sleepy, "I want my mommy" as you woke up from your nap. Thank you for the thousands of moments like these that overwhelm me with gratitude for being your mother.


Michelle said...

You made me tear up, Sam. That is so sweet and that first picture is PRICELESS! Happy Birthday Hollie.

Tammy said...

She will love reading this post as and so many others. I still love the bath in the sink picture the most.