Friday, October 24, 2008


Exhibit A: An innocent-looking Hollie

Exhibit B: A partially open window

Exhibit C: The view looking down from said window.

Apparently, when Hollie discovered the cracked window, it occurred to her to go get Mommy's utensils from the kitchen & throw them one by one out the window. The funny part is we didn't find her pile of treasures until the next day when Sam was working in the yard & deduced what she'd done.


Oh, how I love her! I love the way her little mind works. The other day I was awakened by the sound of her sweet voice, bellowing as loudly as it could from her crib. "Snoopy!! Help me, Snoopy! Snoopy, help me!" What she thought the dog was going to do for her, I don't know, but it sure gave me a good laugh!



Rob and Tiff said...

Oh what a cute little Hollie you have. She truly does have a sweet innocent looking face.

I love that she thought the dog could help her in some way.

Cassie said...

Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS that she tossed stuff out the window! Love that Hollie.

Lindsay said...

she is such a cutie! We have had incidents like the utinsil piles before, too! So glad I am not alone! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh!! That is hilarious! She is too cute and a little mischeivious(is that how you spell it?)! I love it!

Tammy said...

She is such a funny little girl. I love watching her. I loe the collection she made outside the window! I love how she kept climbing on our counter Friday night. She is a cracks up. CJ gets so excited to see her. Halloween will be great fun!

Michelle said...

oh my word! Hilarious!!

Kim said...

This is hilarious. What a funny girl. A perfect moment captured perfectly forever.