Monday, April 6, 2009


Broken back+Bronchitis/Pneumonia*Laryngitis=My week. For real. It started on Monday with me completely throwing my back out. Somehow I threw the top half to the right & the bottom half to the left. Not sure how. Followed up on Wednesday by me running a fever/chills/sorethroat/deathly cough. The Doc says it's either bronchitis or pnuemonia (they're treating it as bronchitis so they won't have to run xrays. If I don't respond to the bronch meds, then they can assume it's pneumonia. Since yesterday I thought I was going to die, I think the xray would have been easier. But with some antibiotics, you get a lot worse before getting better, and today I'm feeling somewhat human. So, maybe they're working). And as an extra bonus, I was lucky enough to catch laryngitis to top it off. So, if you call & the sick bullfrog answers the phone, don't worry. It's just me. On the upside, I did catch Hollie on Dada's chest after a scary dream. Something about how the shadows were playing on her beautiful face made me run & get my camera at 3 am. So worth it. Here's hoping this week will be better than last.



Jer, Er and kids said...

Oh man. I was going to call and check on you but it sounds as if you need to REST!!! Hopefully some of the ailments are beginning to get better. i will check in SOON take care!

zazu and mufassa said...

sorry to hear you're so under the weather. Definitley sounds like no fun. Beautiful pictures BTW - you always do top notch work!

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry Sam...that totally sucks! But the pictures are beautiful, as usual! I can't believe you can do that when you feel like crap! I hope you get feeling better soon.

Rob and Tiff said...

That does not sound fun at all. I hope you start feeling better. Wow, pictures at 3AM. You really are a dedicated photographer. :-)

Becky and Bryce said...

Even photogenic at 3 a.m. AMAZING!!!!! Sorry to hear you're doing so terrible. Hope you feel better soon!!!

Michelle said...

I feel like a horrible neighbor! I'm so sorry you have been so sick! I hope you are feeling better now.

Jessica Kettle said...

Hi Samantha, thanks so much for checking out my work! I am full for mentoring right now but will probably open up for a second round in the summer. I will post an update when I am available for more!