Monday, May 12, 2008

Practically perfect in every way

Today has been the perfect Mother's Day. It truly has. We had a wonderful time spending time with both of our families & talking to Elder Jesse (even though he called right in the middle of church). The day couldn't have been better.

This is what I got for Mother's Day (well, actually it's a much-needed piece of equipment, but we're calling it my Mother's Day present), but it's back ordered. So, when Sam apologized this morning for not having a gift for me, I said, "It's ok. You gave me my Hollie." There is nothing better than being her mother. There really is nothing better than the way her smile lights up all the corners of my heart. I adore her. With every facet of my being, I adore her. Thank you for being mine.

This is actually what I wanted to do on Mother's Day. I've had this vision in my head for months & I finally wanted to take a stab at it. Unfortunately, this is what Hollie thought of my plan...


At least she didn't scream the whole time.



arianne said...

oh she is just so cute and getting SOO BIG!!! I just love those eyes! Love your mothers day gift! how perfect!!

hey my friend told me she booked a session with you!! :) yeah!! she is really cute and her kids are DARLING!!

Kim said...

She is an adorable little Munch. Love these photos...and that dragonfly...incredible. Are you loving Photobucket?

Jen said...

ok so when are you going to take pictures of my baby with that fancy schmancy lens of yours? Actually in all reality I want to get his 2 year pics done at Antelope Island here within the next couple of weeks because we are doing his birthday theme as a Luau. What are you chargin these days>????

Samantha said...

Kim, Photobucket is totally the best! I found the instructions on Jackie Lynn's blog & was so excited!

zazu said...

ooh, I am jealous of your new lens. Hope it gets here soon. I am more jealous of you being a mom. Hollie is such a cutie. Hope you had a great mom's day. It was fun to see you the other day at SL temple.


Tammy said...

I love that you caught the upset pictures too. The crumbs on her face...I love these shots. I am excited for Friday! Love you!

yana said...

Hello Samantha..
i just bump here accidently..:)
i'm from Malaysia. i hope u don't mind if i become regular visitor here cuz
hollie is so adorable..

Becky and Bryce said...

Awesome picture as usual!!! I can't believe you let her hold a grasshopper!?!? Is that what it is? You are one brave mommy!