Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Game of cards

Sam had a Halo party Saturday night with his brothers, which means that Jessica & I get to play cards. Well, play cards & chase the little ones. Both Hollie & Kelden did NOT want to go to bed, so we gave them a deck of cards to play with. It was so fun watching them together! They would pass the cards back & forth and just played so cute with each other. Now that they're getting older, it's easier to believe they're only a few months apart. It's just fun to have a cousin that's at the same stage as she is. Thanks guys, for a fun night!


Jen said...

ahhh this must have been when he fell down the stairs! cute pics, we need to get D and Hollie together to play

Tammy said...

Great pictures. You can tell they are good friends. I love the last shot!

Benica and Fam said...

we had so much fun! we need to do it again soon. i love to watch them play!!